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Welcome ... to The world's first "Net Native" electronic 
information creation and delivery system.
Available in ASP or client server mode.

You can send a fax, an email attachment, a letter, or an expensive brochure ....
none of which provide the impact or the feedback of an ePosal!
Morgan Scott Paper Products

An ePosal is a private website created for a single client or prospect and delivered by
email containing a link to your information. Recipient simply clicks the link to view.

When recipient clicks the link, an email is sent to the ePosal sender advising the
information has been opened. Sender enters their online control panel to see
recipient view history. Sender will get: order of page view, how long was spent
on each page, which pages were printed and if information was forwarded to
another recipient.

"This is better than delivering information in person" ... Tom Rennie, Autofaction Software Corp.

An ePosal can be 1 page, or 100 pages. ePosal can contain: graphics, video, flash,
interactive forms, catalog pages etc.  ... if it can be coded, it can be included!

Deliver personalized presentations across town or around the globe in minutes.

Send to multiple recipients and the ePosal system creates a private URL for each.

We have had over 3,000 downloads of our initial franchise information package, provides
incredible leads for our sales people
Molly Maid International

With the ePosal system your marketing dollars will all return with friends attached!

Do you need more qualified sales leads?

Are your salespeople peddlers or consultants?

You have a great product or service and require more attention?

How quickly are your printed brochures out of date?

Call us ... We can help!

Don't wait to find out how well ePosal works until
your competition starts using it first!

ePosal is committed to helping sales organizations sell: faster, smarter and with less guesswork. To fulfill our mission, we have designed a sales tool that has a single purpose: to cut through to a prospect's needs so that sales representatives can initiate highly relevant, productive conversations with interested prospects.
Our intelligent information delivery system let sales representatives know who is interested in what information and quickly provide them with critical information about an interested contact's needs. The ePosal Selling approach shortens sales cycles and improves close rates while providing valuable metrics for business forecasting and marketing measurement.

How Long Do You Wait Before Following-Up On
Information Sent To A Prospect?

ePosal lets you know immediately when your information was read, which pages and order of view.
Never again follow-up not knowing if your information has been looked at!
Originally developed to create and deliver business proposals, ePosal is being used  to pitch ideas, introduce new products and services ... it is the perfect communication tool!

View an automated sample ... Click Here
Complete the information for customization and prepare to be amazed!
Sample contains screen shots, flash and video ... an ePosal can contain anything!

Every Business Has a Message,
Prospects Always Request More Info.
How You Deliver Information Is up To You ....
If you're serious about sales check out this site!

No plugins or downloads required to view ... all recipient needs is a web browser.

ePosal transforms how enterprises communicate with their customers and
prospects through the use of digital marketing communications.

ePosal technology allows enterprises to incorporate video, audio, graphics,
HTML, text and direct response tools that dramatically outperform direct mail,
hard copy brochures, pdf files, and traditional email messages.

ePosal has been used for: product announcements, sales, direct marketing,
invitations, press releases, training, employee communications, shareholder
communications and initial franchise information packages. In all cases,
ePosal is more effective and less expensive than traditional alternatives.

An ePosal  is a private, personalized web site for a prospect to view your information.
Deliver information to prospects in minutes, or use aPosal and automate!

If speed and professionalism are keys to closing more businss, ePosal is the perfect tool!

The ePosal system will allow you to spend twice the time in front  of qualified prospects! 

  • Eliminate the, "did you get it, have you had a chance to review....."  question.
  • Distinguish lookers from buyers quickly.
  • Deliver information across town or around the globe in minutes!
  • Deliver critical invoices with ePosal ... know when they hit the system!                
Introducing aPosal - Automated Delievery System
Auto generate personalized information from your website!  >>>
We have been using the sytem for about 5 months now, works great ... results are fantastic.
K. Longhofer, President,
Central States Media

We have had over 3,000 downloads of our initial franchise information package, provides
incredible leads for our sales people
... Molly Maid International

.pdf files are convenient for webmasters, but a real pain for site visitors. Acrobat has to be the slowest loading software on the planet. ePosal is  a viable alternative to .pdf files. The bonus,  know by who and when they are read!
Click Here to see a live sample.

Too bad couriers only advise when your information was delivered;
but not when it was read, which pages were looked at and if your
prospect shared with anyone else...ePosal Does!

Your first ePosal is FREE! Try today .... see how easy!    REGISTER HERE

"On the road of success you can be sure of one thing ...
there is never a crowd on the extra mile." ~ Anonymous


  • No Knowledge of HTML Required  - creating is similar to a word processor

  • Shorten Sales Cycle - instant delivery of information

  • Link to Existing Web Pages - reconfirm prospects decision to buy from you

  • See Statistics of Viewed Pages Instantly - see the page order and view time per page
  • Be More Productive - don't waste time following up on prospects that haven't read your information

  • Be More Professional - deliver consistent information throughout your organization

If you've decided not to try ePosal, please Click Here and tell me why. Please help me understand my market a little better....thanks!


ePosal response view history can be highly addictive


 ePosal inc.
 Tel: 905.279.1816

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