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About ePosal

revolutionizes how sales, marketing and corporate communications personnel
communicate with and respond to customers, and prospects. ePosal provides a new level
of speed and customer intelligence to an enterprise at much lower cost than any other means
of communication.

To sell anything generally requires an exchange of information. With the ePosal system it will be possible to create and deliver professional sales information or proposals in just a few minutes.
A sales representative on the road or working from home, away from the office resources, can get information in front of client more efficiently than print, without the expense of production, courier etc.

How ePosal Benefits You
  • ePosal helps you differentiate yourself; prospects will be impressed that you have put in an effort to distinguish your proposal.

  • Faxes can sit for days in a fax bin or be misdirected. Pages can be lost. But with ePosal you send it to the right person every time and be reminded if they fail to open it.
  • You can see when your proposal was opened, by whom, what pages were read and for how long, and who it was forwarded to.

  • Unless the security feature is turned off, you can even read the margin notes your prospective client makes.

  • Close more sales faster! Amendments to proposals can be done in seconds; no faxing or emailing back and forth.

  • Your proposal is kept secure by one of the best firewalls in the business.

  • You can control and maintain proposal standards for every department in your organization.

  • ePosal allows you to reinforce client's decision to purchase from you. Include full color graphical reminders on the superiority of your product or service.

  • ePosal will get you attention in head to head competitive markets.

  • Many corporations will appreciate a sophisticated electronic proposal submission. ePosal doesn't require any special viewers or downloads.

How ePosal Benefits Your Prospect
  • Receives proposals in a clean and easy to read, navigate and store format.

  • Easy distribution to others involved in the selection process.

  • Keeps seller up to date on progress.

  • Proposals can be easily updated or edited and accepted online.

  • A "virtual tour" of your facilities, products or services can be included, allowing an informed choice to be made.


 ePosal inc.
 Tel: 905.279.1816

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