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If you can type a letter in a word processor, you can create an ePosal!

The ePosal system is a complete tool. Create or copy/paste and format on-line; edit and send. The following are the steps.

1. Create
Copy and paste information from existing pages, or, copy an existing ePosal; or, create and format a new proposal right in ePosal ... it's simple!

2. Send
What you actually send is an email with a hyperlink to the ePosal. You create the email from the system and can even use database tags to personalize the email.

What your client receives:
An email created by sender with a hyperlink to an 81 character private URL. This URL is the link to your ePosal for that recipient. (The system auto-generates the URL)

To access ePosal information the client simply clicks the hyperlink.

What sender receives:
Sender receives CC of email sent to client.
When ePosal is opened, an email advising the information has been viewed.

What does sender do next:
Login to ePosal control panel, the view history will now be identified with "Y" Click to see which pages were viewed, order of view and how long was spent on each page.

That's it! Now follow-up with prospect knowing information has been reviewed.

The above is the scenario for a single send, the following would be applicable for say a new product or service announcement.

Multiple Recipients
This is the most powerful function of ePosal. Create one proposal and send it to more than one or all of the clients. Each proposal will be created in the client's own color scheme and personally addressed, similar to a mail merge. Even the e-mail for all recipients only needs to be created once. With database tags in the body,  the email it is personalized for each recipient. It will appear a proposal has been created for each recipient, though only done once. Compare this to the cost of production and mailing!

An electronic proposal may not be right for every situation. But when it is, ePosal is a very powerful tool. Look forward to your registration and comments about our service.

How Does aPosal work?

An aPosal is a link to a pre-created ePosal. The hyperlink to the aPosal can be embedded in an email,
redirect from an easy to remember URL (eg. ) or as a hyperlink from a web page.

When a viewer selects link to aPosal they are first directed to an entry page that requests their name,
company, telephone and email address. (This will personalize the aPosal)

NOTE: If someone came into your office and requested some information on your company, it would
be pretty normal to ask perhaps "Who are you?"  Using aPosal for the next level of information
distribution is no different.

Once the information is entered, the viewer is directed to your ePosal, and it will be personalized from
the information provided on the entry page. It will appear that a custom built website has been created
for each recipient.  (The process takes less than 3 seconds)

Recipient is also emailed a hyperlink to the requested aPosal, eliminating the need to register again to
view the information.

Once an aPosal is created an email is sent to the registerd user advising that an auto ePosal has
been generated. From the control panel you can now review the view history.

There are a number of  functions that occur in the creation of an aPosal.

1. Prospect is auto directed to information.
2. Prospect is sent email with confirming URL.
3. Registered user is sent an email advising that a proposal has been auto generated.
(Subsequent email will be sent each time information is accessed.)
4. Prospects information is added to registered users client list.

It is possible to have an unlimited number of aPosals active at the same time, perhaps one
for each product or service you provide.

It may sound complicated, but in reality it's very simple. In about 5 minutes of telephone
tutoring you will have the system aced.  ePosal inc. is always available to assist in creation
of more complex messages.

Put the power of ePosal into your sales strategy, you will shorten the sales cycle and enhance productivity.

 ePosal inc.
 Tel: 905.279.1816

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