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The following is a summary of ePosal features and a brief explanation

Cell Based Tables

CBT's allow for easy content creation and editing. In about 5 minutes you will have the authoring system mastered.

Multiple Send

Create one proposal and send to all or select group from your client profile list. Copy an existing proposal, select a recipient and send. It doesn't get easier to prepare professional looking information.

Management View / Forecasting

ePosal gives management the ability to establish view protocol. For example, the V.P of sales would have ProTrak access to all proposals. Very helpful in forecasting future sales. A regional manager would have access to all proposals for their region and so on and so forth down the line.

Create a sales proposal template for each of your products or services. The prospect then requests information for a specific item. After the client uploads their relevant contact information an ePosal is automatically generated and sent. It's like having a sales desk open 24/7.

Cost Benefit

ePosal is extremly cost effective. How much do you currently spend on materials, inserts, covers, attachments, etc.? For about the cost of postage alone you can have a professional presentation in front of your prospect.

Critical Disclosure

The Enterprise version of ePosal allows you to have pages that are inserted into each sent proposal that are only editable by a super administrator. These critical disclosure documents can not be deleted either. ePosal assists in enforcement of your proposal policies.

Data Base Tags

ePosal allows you to use tags in your CBT's. For example the inclusion of the tag "epcompany" in a sentence, will display the company name in that sentence. A copied proposal with tags will display the information relative to the recipient company. Tags allow you to customize multiple send documents to make it appear each proposal was customized, when in fact it was only created once.

Proposal Copy

Most proposals follow the 80/20 rule. 80% of the content, such as company information, corporate history etc. is the same. The more proposals created for your products and services, the larger your resource library for new prospects.


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