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Prospect With ePosal

Once you have identified a target market and contact list, begin calling; not to explain your company, product or service; just for permission to send information ... via ePosal naturally. In fact you could have a junior assistant or telemarketing firm perform this task.

It takes less than 1 minute to enter client information, copy a template and send. The system will personalize everything. The information appears as if  you have created a personalized custom site from scratch.

When the prospect opens the ePosal, sender (you) receives an email advising information has been accessed. Simply log into your control panel to check the view history.

Now follow-up with a phone call knowing information has been reviewed ... it is so much simpler to have a productive sales call with an informed prospect. You are able to open the conversation with "I see you have had a chance to review my information," versus the old "Did you get it .... have you had a chance to review?

Fear of rejection is the number 1 reason salespeople hate to follow-up. 

How often have you wished you could take back a piece of print collateral - perhaps to update the information based on the feedback you receive? However, design, photography and printing costs a fortune, takes time to develop, and once it's done - it's done. Few companies can afford multiple targeted pieces - so much collateral simply goes unread.

This is why ePosal offers manageable rich-media collateral that is:

  • Dynamic - to let you quickly hone your message for specific audiences
  • Engaging - using video, audio and static imagery to communicate your message in a compelling way
  • Cost-effective - tailored and personalized to specific audiences and faster to turn around than print collateral, ePosal can also reduce the amount of travel time required at the beginning of the sales cycle

We can create it for you or, better yet, we've got the tools for you to create your own collateral using the web and a telephone.

Here's how it works:

Using the web, a telephone and tools you already know and use you can create rich media collateral in minutes. You set up a simple, customized web page containing that collateral, send email containing hyperlink  to view the page, and then it's just a matter of time before the system reports a site visit, what they looked at, page order, and for how long.

Here's why it works:

With ePosal, Sales leaders ensure their teams are ideally deployed because they can readily identify interested prospects and approach them based on an understanding of their needs. Marketing teams receive immediate feedback on the effectiveness of messages and specific pieces of collateral, while executive managers get an objective assessment of interest in the pipeline and can better forecast results.

ePosal collateral is equally effective in engaging and training sales channels while assessing channel loyalty. You'll be able to reach out to clients and channels faster and more often - all without the pain of guesswork or expense of travel.



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