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Introducing aPosal - Automated Information Distribution

Like having an extra sales rep working 24 hours per day

Many people visit websites looking for price information. For a number of reasons companies don't necessarily want this information public.

With aPosal, you can distribute price information via a preprepared ePosal, and know who it was sent to and when it was read. Each aPosal will be customized and addressed to the recipient.

For security reasons, you may even elect to block certain email addresses from obtaining your information. Don't want your information sent to a hotmail or yahoo address; no problem. If a prospect provides one of your blocked email adresses, they receive a courteous message instructing them to contact you directly.

How it Works
The prospect simply needs to provide their name, company name and email address. This information is linked to an ePosal you have already prepared. The prospect is emailed a link to access your proposal. The proposal is addressed to the prospect and their data can be added to your ePosal client list.

To view a customized aPosal sample click here
Prepare to be amazed!


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 Tel: 905.279.1816

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